Enda Scahill Irish Banjo Tutor Book 2

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The new, comprehensive guide to the Irish Tenor Banjo.

This 70 page tutorial, complete with a double CD of play-along exercises and tunes has been painstakingly crafted to provide an excellent resource for beginner to advanced banjo players.
The easy to follow guidelines cover all aspects of banjo playing from the basics of holding the instrument to the intricacies of ornamentation and tune playing.
Professor Mick Moloney of New York University, a fellow banjo player of huge international renown, has described Enda's banjo tutor as "ground-breaking" and "masterfully conceived, the product of years of playing and thoughtful reflection".

This book is a must for all banjo players from young to young-at-heart!

"Master lessons from the master!"

Enda Scahill Irish Banjo Tutor Vol 2

  • What is in the new book?

All music written in both notation and tablature formats
2 accompanying CDs featuring 2hours of techniques, demonstrations and tunes recorded slowly and at speed
Tunes written out in simple format and then including variations, ornamentation and chords to allow student to observe how these are added and developed
Detailed instructions on using chords and harmony
How to create and play variations
Specific banjo techniques to greatly improve rhythm and phrasing
Old Time banjo rhythm
The importance of relaxation and reducing tension
How to practice effectively
Targeted scales and exercises to improve speed and accuracy

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