Tensionator Tailpiece

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ABM  Banjo Tailpiece Tensionator, 4-string, made from solid bell brass, string spacing: 26,5 mm, finish: nickel

This banjo tailpiece looks great but is also very practical. It works with either loop-end or ball-end strings, the strings are attached to a small post at the tail-end of its own individual finger, then passes along a groove in the arm and under a small ball at the other end making for a very smooth fitting. It makes it really easy to change strings compared to most other banjo tailpieces.

I have been using them on our Clareen Oysters for over 30 years.

Excellent tailpiece. I would compare this as a price frossed with a presto. It is solid and adjustable and looks great. Fully adjustable and sounds excellent on my gibson mastertone 5 string.
Tim, London, Enland, Great Britain

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