What are the guarantees on your instruments

All new Clareen Banjos come with a three year guarantee. The guarantee covers against any faulty materials or workmanship. The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear a banjo may go through, for example, wear on frets, scratch marks or accidental damage. The guarantee covers the original owner only

Who do I call if I need a repair

Please call either Tom or Fintan on 091 796156

When should I change the strings on my banjo

How long your strings last will depend on a number of factors, including the amount of playing, sweat and soap residue. If you want to get longer out of your strings, wipe them down with a dry cloth after playing

How long does it take to make a banjo?

This is a difficult question to give an accurate answer. It can vary greatly depending on the model, and we would generally try to make more than one at a time. If there is customisation involved it will take longer than the standard design.

Where can I get lessons

Please view our Music Teacher List under the Community section of our website