Bridge Mandolin Package/Case (Out of Stock until further notice)

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A Clareen Banjos Brand Name: The Bridge Mandolin is a very fine mandolin, imported by and professionally set up & adjusted by Clareen Banjos.
This mandolin comes at a very good price and is ideal for beginners.
I also believe this mandolin has a very good tone.

  1. Hard Case included.


I bought one of these a few months ago and have been playing it regularly since. I am a complete beginner but love the rich tone that this instrument provides. On arrival (through the post) the bridge was slightly askew (1mm?), so I straightened it and haven't looked back since. Tremendous sound and a pleasure to own and play. The case is really solid too. Love it. Will definitely carry on playing and I'm looking forward to buying a second instrument some time! Oh, and it looks and feels great too. :)
Mark Worth, Bedford, Great Britain

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